Dress Code

(April 1 thourgh October 31)

The Breton Bay Golf & Country Club desires to maintain reasonable standards of attire on the golf course and in the clubhouse.



Golf Course Attire

• Non-denim slacks or Bermuda length shorts, collared golf shirts, turtlenecks or mock neck shirts are required for men. All shirts and hats should be worn in the manner they were designed to be worn.
• Slacks, skirts, reasonable length shorts, skorts, golf shirts, turtleneck or mock neck shirts are required for women.
• Jeans, cut-offs, oversized shorts, short-shorts, athletic jerseys, mesh shirts, halter, tube or tank tops and t-shirts are not permitted.
• Shoes with metal golf spikes are not allowed.


Clubhouse Attire

The Clubhouse will now require adherence to the Golf Course attire policy with the following additions/exceptions:
• Clean (non-torn) Denim is permitted in the clubhouse.
• Children 11 and older are required to meet the dress code above. Children under 11 should be dressed in clothing with this standard in mind and in consideration of their ages.
• Special Events may dictate additional dress requirements.

The Dress Code applies to members and guests.